How To Come To Church

If we are honest, most of us dash into the day without giving thought to what we are doing. Sure, we think things like, "what shall I wear?" and, "what shall I have for breakfast?" But beyond that, very little thought is given. Coming to church is the highlight of our week, and we are coming together to meet with the living God. Do we really give Him the reverence and honour He deserves? Or do we dash into church at the last minute, stressed out because of spouse/kids/traffic and start talking to people who are already worshipping? Below are some tips and thoughts on how we should arrive at church.


Set your alarm

Get a good nights sleep and get up early. If you do this you will give yourself more time to get ready and you will be more relaxed.

Praise the Lord

Listen and sing along with some praise music, then spend some time with the Lord. Read and meditate on His word. Pray, specifically for the service

Be a giver, not a taker

1 Peter 2: 9 tells us that we are members of a royal priesthood. The duty of a priest is to serve in the temple. To give that an update, it means that we are to worship Him with our lives, and to bring Him a sacrifice of praise in the church. Ask the Lord what you can bring to the service. Don't just sit there - Participate! Come with the attitude that says, "I will praise the Lord." Be involved!


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